2:12 PM
Hey what happened to the kill me baby Halloween OVA? The torretn was up and suddenly its gone and all the direct downloads arent working.
1:14 PM
https://nyaa.si/view/1188247 Beastars 03 for Deadfish is still pending...
11:31 AM
[BakedFish ] Dr. Stone - 17 [720p][AAC].mp4 is 480p. A V2 in 720p please. THX!
10:25 AM
Either way Code geass and Kingdom are broken. continuat ion of previous message.
10:24 AM
How do i request the recoding and reupload of broken files on XDCC? i cant point out at least 2 different series that are broken, either delete them or reup normal files. The series are Code Geass S01
8:49 AM
https://nyaa.si/view/1186945 Dr. Stone 16 for Deadfish pending
5:15 AM
https://horribles ubs.info/shows/majimoji- rurumo/ - If I'm not mistaken (ie not seen torrents) you haven't done Majimoji Rurumo OVAs that came out back in July this year. If so, can you do th
10:02 AM
Enen no Shoubouta i 13 for Deadfish is damaged. Stops playing at mid-episo de. Can you do a V2 please!
5:43 AM
https://nyaa.si/view/1185230 Houkago Saikoro Club 03 for Deadfish is still pending. Sorry for bothering ...
0:17 AM
[deadfish] "Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo" episodes 2-3 both have no audio.
11:37 AM
Why hasn't there been any uploads since late last month?
7:49 AM
[deadfish] "Honzuki no Gekokujou - episodes 1-2" are flawed (inverted screen for both).
3:44 PM
issues with audio/video sync in cop craft 10
3:24 AM
Deadfish "Symphogea r" 9 is upside down.
5:39 PM
Kimetsu no Yaiba - 22 is out of sink with audio and subs
4:03 PM
FYI, BakedFish versions of Fruits Basket 22 and Enen no Shoubouta i 08 have no subtitles
5:32 AM
Hey guys? Anidex is unreachab le any mirrors?
12:33 PM
GJ guys, your DtB encode literally has no OPs/EDs that were linked in other releases. Splendid work right there!
4:42 PM
Anidex is now not loading at all, no matter how many times you try.
11:39 AM
First time doing this - would I be able to request a re-seed of the Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress movies?
htt ps://anidex.info/torrent/250758

Than ks! :)
6:17 PM
The Anidex tracker site is taking 5 or 6 tries to load.
4:02 AM
Maz, As listed on the site we use ACGNX and Anidex for a few years now.
5:21 AM
anyone... may i request to seed the boruto ep 60 - 80 please....
3:21 AM
can you guys find alternati ve to or stop using anidex.info? because the site is always unstable and it's getting annoying to use.
6:31 AM
Did you guys used Yuzuki's subs for the Danmachi movie?
2:02 PM
I request a reseed for episode 72 of Shinkalio n. I wasn't aware that the Deadfish release of it had been out until I saw 73 show up.
4:53 AM
bakedfish Bokutachi wa Dekinai ep 7 has picture glitch 8:17 to 8;19. pls fix!
9:45 PM
https://mirror.animetosh o.org/view/deadfish- kaguya-sa ma-wa-kok urasetai- tensai-ta chi-no.d245681 Episode is upside down!
12:36 PM
V3 Golden wind 29 for deadfish is still pending
2:45 PM
https://mirror.animetosh o.org/view/deadfish- jojo-no-k imyou-na- bouken-ou gon-kaze.d245091 Stops around minute 13. Needs V3
8:05 AM
https://mirror.animetosh o.org/view/deadfish- jojo-no-k imyou-na- bouken-ou gon-kaze.d244984 No audio.
3:32 AM
RyujiTK just released the rest of Circlet Princess, can you encode them all? I know they aren't 720p.
6:49 PM
Seed Meiji Tokyo Renka 11 and 12? Thanks
8:27 AM
The Last three BakedFish Torrent don't working on Anidex, Diamond no Ace S2 3, Black Clover 79
3:21 AM
AniDex Torrent #231263 has wrong video.
4:50 AM
please seed Ginga e Kickoff!!
4:09 AM
https://mirror.animetosh o.org/view/kantai-da te-live-i ii-09-192 0x1080-aa c-3cfe759 2-mkv.n1126922 Date A Live 09 for Deadfish is still pending. Thanks!
4:29 PM
Thank you
4:29 PM
Sword Art Online: Alicizati on - 05v2 & 06v2 - Batch
4:29 PM
Sword Art Online: Alicizati on - 08
4:29 PM
Please reseed :
5:13 PM
Hello recently i asked if you could do a batch of D.gray Man. but for a torrent of one you did ages ago. any chance you could re seed?
3:24 AM
anon4774: https://animetosh o.org/view/stuffs-_j ojos_biza rre_adven ture_gold en_wind_1 8_-affb94 45-mkv.n1118503 new jojo golden wind for deadfish available
4:57 PM
can someone seed or upload ginga e kickoff and Chou Soku Henkei Gyrozette r, please?
11:05 PM
Hi, I haven't been here in a while so this might've been answered: why no MP4 deadfish version of latest hero academia after certain episode? it just stopped.. same for attack on ttians. Tnx
6:52 AM
Hi everyone, I'm new here...
I want to ask something ...
If dwld links are dead, can I request reupload?
7:43 AM
Shinji, Working on trying to fix that. When staff returns from the holiday if not before we will have that right up.
11:14 AM
Since I can't send message via AniDex, I'll use the Tag Board: "Just wanted to let you know there's an Audio Delay in "Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken - 12" so it need a V2.
8:37 AM
Akanesasu Shoujo Episode 11 seems to be missing. the only one I find available before Episode 12 is Episode 10. could someone look into this?
1:20 AM
Some-Stuf fs' JoJo Diamond Is Unbreakab le BD is out. any ETA on encode? old hdtv re-encode s aren't on xdcc packlist
4:59 AM
Akagami no Shirayuki -hime S1 & S2 not in DeadFish packlist. Thanx for all your hard work.
2:36 AM
please seed revue batch 1-10 uwu
2:34 PM
speedweed forever, Thanks for the heads up. Yet in the future to get it out faster. Message us on our Anidex page. Not the torrent but a direct message so we can do it the moment you notice it
2:15 AM
thank you for encodes
11:01 PM
JoJo Golden Wind 3 by Some-Stuf f is out
Please encode :|
5:45 AM
Mister Gold, Use the packlists
2:00 PM
The XDCC is not accessibl e http://deadfish.encore.pw/.
How to get files list?
6:31 AM
picture distortio n and audio not sync correctly in Deadfish Tensei Shitara Slime episode 3
4:10 PM
hi, please do this release:< br>https: //animetosh o.org/view/horribles ubs-ore-g a-suki-na no-wa-imo uto-daked o.1269293
5:43 PM
me again, never mind. found it