6:31 AM
Did you guys used Yuzuki's subs for the Danmachi movie?
2:02 PM
I request a reseed for episode 72 of Shinkalio n. I wasn't aware that the Deadfish release of it had been out until I saw 73 show up.
4:53 AM
bakedfish Bokutachi wa Dekinai ep 7 has picture glitch 8:17 to 8;19. pls fix!
9:45 PM
https://mirror.animetosh o.org/view/deadfish- kaguya-sa ma-wa-kok urasetai- tensai-ta chi-no.d245681 Episode is upside down!
12:36 PM
V3 Golden wind 29 for deadfish is still pending
2:45 PM
https://mirror.animetosh o.org/view/deadfish- jojo-no-k imyou-na- bouken-ou gon-kaze.d245091 Stops around minute 13. Needs V3
8:05 AM
https://mirror.animetosh o.org/view/deadfish- jojo-no-k imyou-na- bouken-ou gon-kaze.d244984 No audio.
3:32 AM
RyujiTK just released the rest of Circlet Princess, can you encode them all? I know they aren't 720p.
6:49 PM
Seed Meiji Tokyo Renka 11 and 12? Thanks
8:27 AM
The Last three BakedFish Torrent don't working on Anidex, Diamond no Ace S2 3, Black Clover 79
3:21 AM
AniDex Torrent #231263 has wrong video.
4:50 AM
please seed Ginga e Kickoff!!
4:09 AM
https://mirror.animetosh o.org/view/kantai-da te-live-i ii-09-192 0x1080-aa c-3cfe759 2-mkv.n1126922 Date A Live 09 for Deadfish is still pending. Thanks!
4:29 PM
Thank you
4:29 PM
Sword Art Online: Alicizati on - 05v2 & 06v2 - Batch
4:29 PM
Sword Art Online: Alicizati on - 08
4:29 PM
Please reseed :
5:13 PM
Hello recently i asked if you could do a batch of D.gray Man. but for a torrent of one you did ages ago. any chance you could re seed?
3:24 AM
anon4774: https://animetosh o.org/view/stuffs-_j ojos_biza rre_adven ture_gold en_wind_1 8_-affb94 45-mkv.n1118503 new jojo golden wind for deadfish available
4:57 PM
can someone seed or upload ginga e kickoff and Chou Soku Henkei Gyrozette r, please?
11:05 PM
Hi, I haven't been here in a while so this might've been answered: why no MP4 deadfish version of latest hero academia after certain episode? it just stopped.. same for attack on ttians. Tnx
6:52 AM
Hi everyone, I'm new here...
I want to ask something ...
If dwld links are dead, can I request reupload?
7:43 AM
Shinji, Working on trying to fix that. When staff returns from the holiday if not before we will have that right up.
11:14 AM
Since I can't send message via AniDex, I'll use the Tag Board: "Just wanted to let you know there's an Audio Delay in "Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken - 12" so it need a V2.
8:37 AM
Akanesasu Shoujo Episode 11 seems to be missing. the only one I find available before Episode 12 is Episode 10. could someone look into this?
1:20 AM
Some-Stuf fs' JoJo Diamond Is Unbreakab le BD is out. any ETA on encode? old hdtv re-encode s aren't on xdcc packlist
4:59 AM
Akagami no Shirayuki -hime S1 & S2 not in DeadFish packlist. Thanx for all your hard work.
2:36 AM
please seed revue batch 1-10 uwu
2:34 PM
speedweed forever, Thanks for the heads up. Yet in the future to get it out faster. Message us on our Anidex page. Not the torrent but a direct message so we can do it the moment you notice it
2:15 AM
thank you for encodes
11:01 PM
JoJo Golden Wind 3 by Some-Stuf f is out
Please encode :|
5:45 AM
Mister Gold, Use the packlists
2:00 PM
The XDCC is not accessibl e http://deadfish.encore.pw/.
How to get files list?
6:31 AM
picture distortio n and audio not sync correctly in Deadfish Tensei Shitara Slime episode 3
4:10 PM
hi, please do this release:< br>https: //animetosh o.org/view/horribles ubs-ore-g a-suki-na no-wa-imo uto-daked o.1269293
5:43 PM
me again, never mind. found it
5:39 PM
Why r u guys listed, that u subbed Fate/Grand Order Specials/Movies, when I can't find them on this site?
7:33 PM
Guys why aren't you doing Sword Art Online Alicizati on??
8:59 PM
Correctio n: Baked fish Shingeki 7 and 8 are reversed.
8:57 PM
Shingeki 7 for baked fish seems to be the wrong episode. 6 to 7 leads to a falshback of events that didn't happen in 6. My guess is 7 is actually 8 and the real 7 got missed.
2:06 AM
YAY biggrin
11:07 AM
named, In the future do make sure to check out ACGNX when Anidex is not working properly.
3:23 PM
[BakedFish ] Shichisei no Subaru 08 is missing, there is 07 and 09 but no 08.
5:23 AM
and for those that either are to lazy to read the main chat or just *cough* dont know where to look [DeadFish] servers are still under maintenan ce :P
5:21 AM
also just incase anyone is having issues with ACGNX the torrent site I always use is AnimeTosh o.org and it seems to almost always work fine so....
10:34 PM
Tester, look again in the chat box. It's there clear as crystal. As for the main post, scroll above and you will see it. :)
7:59 PM
... provide a link to the statement s?
7:58 PM
Cloend, I haven't found anything in the chat regarding deadfish status. And perhaps I am looking at the wrong main post since it's from 2016. Do you mind updating us or provide a link to the s
9:32 AM
DragonMX6 , We're glad people like you exist.
9:31 AM
Tester, I think you just choose not to read the several statement s we left in the chat and the most recent one left in the main post.
8:20 AM
Banning idiots is fine but you still haven't answered our question about Deadfish being active or not since bakedfish seem to beactive. tnx.
5:24 PM
I keep telling ppl to have patience but they just dont listen :P
0:15 AM
negativit y will lead to an instant ban because that is not what we built our self on or endorse on our site for the past 6 years. Treat others how you also wish to be treated, and responses come.
0:13 AM
We do not invite conspirac y theories and gave detailed explanati ons to our situation . As well as what we are doing to fix it. We tried to stay positive as we continued to work on it but future...
0:11 AM
Yet you choose to repost the same comment in this chatbox. Your IP will be added to the ban list. We dont want to do it but you have to show respect and understan d we are working on a fix.
0:09 AM
I'm curious as to why people don't read the site info or rules page before leaving a comment. Rudeness will never provide you with a response. Also, if your comment was erased in the other box
9:58 AM
There have been too many unfinishe d deadfish series. Will they ever get completed at all?
1:25 PM
and running? Thank you for your continued service. something like that would have probably gotten you a much more positive response. just saying
1:24 PM
just noticed the last [DeadFish] release that I got was on June 18th, so its been 2 whole months since any DeadFish releases. could you kindly give us a possibe ETA on when DeadFish might be back up a
1:22 PM
@anon7188 - just a suggestio n. Learn a bit of delicacy. the way you worded your statement had alot of holes and was kinda rude. like you could have said it like this. hello DeadFish! ! *waves* just n