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Sunday, 2017-10-22, 10:25 PM
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Main » 2015 » March » 19 » Military!
8:34 PM


Torrent [720p]



Torrent [720p]



Torrent [720p]




  • Episode 11
  • Subs from [Mori] 
Views: 398 | Added by: LeLLus_ | Tags: Military! | Rating: 0.0/0
Total comments: 1
You guys never released a version 2 of Military! episode 11 with English subtitled ending song. Kaitou did:
I'll do whatever that needs to be done,
so let's get this operation over with.
Even if you send me there,
I'll take it easy.
Now, turn into a pink-colored mousse!
My partner is a microgun, oh yeah.
My enemy, Sgt. Ogre, got there without me realizing!
I don't want to make more work for myself.
Just lemme take it easy.
So I'm gonna hide at my neighbor's place!

[Kaitou]Military! - 11 [720p][10bit][523CFD4C]

The ending songs in Military! changed throughout the series and were a real gas.
Episode 1:
Get mad!
War preparations sure are fun!
Get to the chopper quickly!
Watch out for any traps!
Check your brakes!
It's showtime, so open fire!
And blast them away with style! Yay!
We are the elites.
We're famous ya know.
Watch out, 'cause we're chargin' in! Fire away!
Gotta destroy 'em all!
Any day could be a potential battle!

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