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Wednesday, 2018-12-12, 5:34 AM
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Main » 2016 » August » 20 » What's Going On?
8:31 AM
What's Going On?

Every day for the past 4 going on 5 years we have provided the best possible service we could. In order to make everyone happy in regards to releases. 

In doing so we spent countless hours a day manually creating re-directing links to torrents and ddl links on each of our sites' platforms. Given neither of our current sites functions on an automated system. We would have to carefully place several page re-direction links from the links provided from our own site as well as the third party sites to create just 1 singular post. This allowed users to have a lax feeling when browsing our sites. This level of work could be/was taxing on our staff. Yet some of us found very little issues doing so, because we had the support to keep moving forward.

These past 6 months. Our servers have been repeatedly shutdown due to insufficient funding. To which we had to resort to seeking financial support from our loyal followers after our services were downed through a fundraising service.

In the beginning of every month. Though out every month. We would plead for everyone's generosity; while thinking of multiple ways to generate funds to support our features and make everyone happy in the process. We take in several ideas from our supporters and implement them in order to receive a small boost in funding to keep our services alive. Either from using ads(which doesn't generate anything), ddl links(which people barely ever use), new site platform(did not change the level of support), etc.

The entire process has become discouraging. Yet we still kept pushing on. When all services go down. We still compile our releases till we are able to distribute them once services are restored. Having to put out over 120 - 150 releases(if not more) = Over 2,000 - 3,000 redirection links(depending on the site platform) is unbelievably taxing; which is why we ask for your support in order to not fall into that position. Given the amount of hours needed; which requires over a solid day(s)(An actual 24 hours if not more if there are 0 breaks) worth of work. Just to keep up; while still catching up to the latest releases is a huge hassle. Keep in mind we are human. A lot of us with either jobs or schooling. Finding the time to balance both is incredibly difficult. Yet we still manage to do so.

What people don't know is that every month we take a huge gamble with our own personal finances. Just to keep our services online. The amount displayed is not even the slightest as to how much we pay for everything provided. From our multiple dedicated/unmetered/unlimited bandwidth servers with terabytes worth of storage space each. To our individual VPS seedboxes for both BakedFish and DeadFish that holds and stores the content for both groups. Basically equaling the same storage capacity as our servers. As it seeds a large abundance of files for both set groups. To not kill the disks on our current servers; while keeping our servers safe from being striked or flagged due to Copyright Ownership; while presenting everyone with torrents. Thus separating our torrents from those who choose to view our archive and download our content from off our IRC instead using our XDCC/Packlist. Those who actually own multiple dedicated servers and seedboxes with an uncapped bandwidth with over 10 gb/s. As well as VPS seedboxes/servers may have a way better idea as to how much we come close to paying for our services. Basically we earn NOTHING doing this. Yet put in more of our own funds, because we enjoy doing this. 

Besides from the servers. We then have webhosting fees, premium account fees, money we have to pay for graphic designers, coders, webdevelopers, etc. We did not once want to burden any of our followers these past years with the details that goes into what takes place. Being that's not what this community is suppose to be about. It was to share content and enjoy a fun going anime service. Thus we wanted to add onto from just providing everyone with just basic torrents,ddl, and an IRC archive. We wanted to expand and then provide everyone with a streaming service. This way we would be giving our followers multiple platforms/options to choose from to enjoy the content we provided.

Yet over the course of these past few months. We've had to haggle with our current server owners to not cast off our servers with our archives. Due to insufficient funding. We had to pay late fees for over due billing. As well as a week holding fee to not delete the content from off our servers; which is why the billing cycle is the same. Then go out of pocket and tighten our belts. In the hopes that everyone would be willing to contribute into restoring our services. 

All we require to do what we do is support. A lot of people get the wrong interpretation or probably do not understand how billing works. When you are late on paying your past due bill for the prior month. If a fundraiser is made. It's to pay for the month that wasn't paid. Meaning the current month still needs to accumulate some sort of funding in order to pay for that month as well. It's great that we're able to restore our services because we paid off our late bill. Yet we can't forget to keep that trend going so the current month does not fall into the same rut as the month prior. All we've ever asked for was the minimum of £1 per individual till we hit our goal. Is that not reasonable? If there are thousands of people downloading the content we provide?.. <<Real Question. Even .50 or .25 is better then 0. Anything to help control and lift the burden on our shoulders would be nice. 

As it currently stands. We haven't reached 1/4 of our Goal, and like the past couple of months. We will most likely shutdown if we can't reach it before months end. Every month we announce we need support. Yet get messages telling us that we need to announce we need support??? If not, we should make our donation button more visible??? To which its very visible on both current sites. Basically we get more suggestions then required/needed support. Yet we are so grateful for those who are repeated supporters if not subscribers. As well as to the new faces we see when we are in desperate need of financial help. Thus rally up and spread the word to help us reach our Goal on our Fundraisers; which truly lifts up our spirits. We notice everyone's efforts. To which is why we instantly pump out releases again when services are restored. Yet that feeling slowly turns to dread when over 2 to 3 weeks have passed and you received 0 contributions once again. Knowing you're back at square one. 

Groups last through the progress they witness. Every month we try to find ways to improve our services. Yet in the process of constantly going down. You lose coders/site developers, posters, actual encoders, and backers/supporters who believed in your cause. 

We would gladly continue releasing torrents. Yet the morale for majority of it is beginning to waver. Content is still being pumped out on a regular daily basis; which can be found on our XDCC/Packlist. Yet as for those who did contribute to help our cause. We can provide you with private accounts to dl content from the 2 separate groups on each of our servers. Till we can regain the support needed to redistribute torrents once again. 

Everyone we still care about you. Yet we need to know in some form you still care about us, and its not just a give me thing. While not showing any signs of caring about our longevity. Morale support is just as good; while financial support also helps secure our future. Thank You all once again for lending us an ear, and reasonably hearing a Fish out. 



We would like to thank Everyone who donated and showed their current support. Without all of you we wouldn't of reached this months Goal. Thank you for breaking that trend. We would also like to thank everyone who helped us achieve our goal for the prior month in restoring our services, and for those who contributed through out this year. We'll try to get back on track. Knowing at least there are people out there that truly appreciate what we're trying to do and for that we're highly grateful for it.


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