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Sunday, 2018-04-22, 8:03 PM
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Main » 2014 » August » 31 » Nyaa Up Again?!. During This Absence We Camped Out On Anime-Index & Kickass. Update: Use our XDCC. Links and Guide on Sides of Site
5:08 PM
Nyaa Up Again?!. During This Absence We Camped Out On Anime-Index & Kickass. Update: Use our XDCC. Links and Guide on Sides of Site

Apparently a mass of sites seems to be down. Yet content is still being distributed through sites either by XDCC/Packlist, Download Links, sites like TokyoTosho etc. During this massive scale of what we "allegedly" believe to be a DDoS attack(Given the downtime and then short reappearance of sites). We have set up camp on Anime-Index & Kickass till this matter is resolved. We decided to use these services given the similarities in site setups. Basically you can use Anime-Index or Kickass for all your torrent needs. We will also continue to use Nyaa once the site is completely restored.

If you wish to see other groups also partake with the same Torrenting sites we have currently acquired. We suggest you notify them and provide the following link, so they can set up shop as well.

For those who are worried that this will effect us. We can reassure you that it wont, and we will still be providing links and the latest updates on ongoing releases. We have also backed up all of our torrents. Just in the case of the events of something such as this might take place. We will slowly yet surely start to provide these torrent dl links in the course of time. Yet be free to look through our nicely categorized site, and explore our XDCC for any of the Current/Past/or Future files you acquire/require. =)


After hours of the consistent threat against Nyaa. The site is now fully restored. Even so we will continue to release on the sites mentioned. Just in case another scenario would befall us once more. Yet we are glad to see the site back up to its former glory. To top it off with a blast of HS releases.

Update 2:

After a brief short hours of uptime. The site appears to be down once more. We will continue to update on the current status of the site accordingly. 


Update 3:

Currently other popular torrenting sites such as TokyoTosho are being targeted as well. That are also facing 'temporary' downtimes. Making it much more difficult for a certain degree of fansubers to distribute their work through a torrenting system that remains consistently active.

During the mass of sites downtime. We suggest users for our older releases to use our XDCC to download any of our Current/Past/ or even Future releases. Current and future releases will be updated with links to the corresponding sites stated in the subject post text on our main site as well. Have fun and enjoy downloading our releases. We will stay up to date on all the latest releases. ;D 


Update 4:

On other news. Highlighting on what you guys believe to be true. Is this just another assault on anime sites?. By just a group of random individuals following like other DDoS attack groups like Lizard Squad. Who brought down Playstation, Xbox, and Twitch servers this past following week. That started on August 24 of 2014 till their down fall; which ceased their acts/attacks that disbanded them on August 30th of 2014 by ActivistRev. Who leaked their identity by capturing their IP and images and forwarding it to FBI officials. To prevent that mass scale of DDoS attacks towards these gaming sites and companies. 

Are these new DDoS attacks giving off the impression that this is the authorities cracking down on anime piracy. Personally we are not sure. Yet it would not be surprising if its just a group of individuals carrying out this act. To follow in suit of these past attacks. After further digging. We stumbled upon a few forums regarding the attack on Playstation, Xbox, and Twitch. On sites like Reddit and league of legends. etc. Of users literally contacting Lizard Squad demanding or rather requesting that they attack anime sites. Just for kicks. It may not have been Lizard SquadYet we sort of believe some group may of answered that call.

These attacks are not consistent enough to appear to be from any major organization. Who would initially shoot for a takedown. Rather then constant DDoS attacks. Basically a DDoS attack is when you initially forward an abundance of traffic towards a site. To the point it basically ceases to function; which is not actually considered a hack in any form. Same acts were carried out by the group Anonymous. Who carried out attacks on organizations like Scientology. Way back in the earlier years. Causing their site to basically come to a halt.

For this very reason. Is to why we are skeptical but not ruling out any possibilities. The timing of the attacks on these other major organizations this past following week, and then these current attacks are just too coincidental to rule out the possibility. That this may just be an individual or group carrying these attacks out. Reason as to why we believe this. Sites that do not distribute illegal anime, but are just informational source of anime. That provides articles, series news or events. Nothing basically to do with piracy have also been attacked during this past week. Hence why we are balancing the scale on to which we believe to be true or false.

Well you can voice your opinions out on the comment section below on your thoughts on what may or may not be taking place.


Update 5:

Its been a while but seems Nyaa has finally shifted and found its way back to the surface.  


Update 6:

Sept. 8th of 2014, so the site has come under attack once more. Yet not all groups are suffering from this brutal attack, but rather learned from past mistakes. Horriblesubs has now set shop and took shelter under a different hosting provider. Now using their own home base for hosting their material; which can be found at ( They managed to secure their standing to not further let down those who wish to be kept up regarding future releases. Yet while groups such as Commie. Still has yet taken to the same turn. To sever their hosting experience with Nyaa. After past experiences of receiving relentless mass attacks. Forcing the site to be unresponsive. 

Yet this was not the first time the site after its restoration was attacked. During the course of its revival. Apparently during this past following week. There so happened to be reports of Nyaa being unresponsive for short periods of time. Guess who ever started these attacks. Felt that their task was unfinished, and wished to pursue the DDoS attacks on this favored anime site once more. What's on everyone's mind is. What's next?. Will the Titan torrent site that distributes countless of new material to a vast anime society. That hosts all of your favorite groups material. Still be able to handle this continuous threat?. Will these attacks ever cease?. Our guess is as good as yours.

Only time can tell what's in stored. We need only brace ourselves for the next stages of the colossal anime hording torrent site. Keep reviewing if we wind up to stumble on any further information regarding this matter. ;) 


Update 7:

Just when you thought things could not go anymore south. Apparently owner of Anirena states, "Nyaa was suppose to move to the datacenter I work at, but cause of "personal issues", he cancelled the server almost immediatly when he got access. 

On a on-topic note, you may notice that the domain is completely gone off the grid. Their DNS server is hosted on the same webserver, thus their whole domain is completely dead at the moment." 

"There can be 3 sides/motives to Nyaa current state:

A) They are shacking up, setting up shop, or browsing for another provider. Who is willing to host 1 of the biggest pirating sites on the web. : | 

B) They are short on trust. When it comes to trusting a provider who shares the same ambition of running a torrent site dedicated towards anime. (Wants to guarantee longevity without the risk of getting the plug pulled on them. By what they feel to be a rival site)

C) They may be lost in limbo. Without knowing what is truly the best course of action to take next. 

Yet from what we can see. The site is currently running on dead. Till other sources states differently. Yet so far there has been no major reports in regards to their status or next steps. 

Yet in brighter news. Sites like TokyoTosho, Kickass, Anirena, Anime-Index have seem to of highlighted even more. During the downtime of Nyaa. With a mass of groups shifting to there new or revisiting past torrent sites to which they call/called home. 

What's next with Nyaa only time can tell. Meanwhile we can only suggest that followers do try to expand their torrent out reach. You can only stay in a rut but for so long. 


Update 8:

September 13th of 2014. 

Appears to be that the fight has yet to be over. Many of you may of noticed the once dead link of ''. Has been fluctuating as of lately. Seems they have adopted Cloudflare. A system Animetake has taken onto moments after being struck with the same DDoS attack. Yet you can see hints of life as you would see signs of them trying to adopt a new webhosting server; which appears to be Who knows?. Maybe the multiple stricken site has yet raise its flag, but has abided its time as stated in the previous post above. From what we can tell. Their fight is not over as of yet. Not to bring any false hopes, but one may say you may be seeing the site up sooner then you think. Well that may just be wishful thinking. 

Stay posted for anymore upcoming events regarding the pulse of Nyaa. 


Update 9:

From the ashes the Phoenix has risen once again. Yet for how long is the question?. xP



Highlighted Post Link by User: AnonChan


Anti-Piracy comes out gloating. Then states its not them issuing the attacks: (dead link)

Removed due to the backlash of Anime fans accusing the anti-piracy act of illegaly DDoS anime sites; which they refute was ever them. To not fall under allegations they decided to remove this post and its entirety. 

Highlight Statement:


Was Nyaa Pre-Warned Before the Attacks Even Began?!:


When looking into any form of statement from Nyaa regarding their current situation. We stumbled on a find that was too hard to overlook. The initial attacks on Nyaa started on August 27th of 2014. Yet from what we can see. It appears to be a text sent on August 22nd of 2014 in bold letters and caps. The quote specifically pre-warning Nyaa of an upcoming attack. Anyone would just brush this off as a common troll. Given bizarre statements are common in Nyaa chat box. Yet was this an initial pre-warning of the events that transpired 5 days after. When a large scale of DDoS attacks suddenly hit Nyaa bringing the site to a halt. We are still uncertain if this had any significant correlation to the attacks. Yet if so this may be a lead onto how it all began to transpire. 

One of our affiliate colleagues had a small chuckle and stated,"What if Nyaa ticked off the wrong individual(s). Later causing a domino effect to all the other pirating anime sites." Yet we do not know for certain what may of sparked these acts of hate. Some have their conspiracy theories, and others may run off small speculation of a group or individual responsible. All we know is the site is currently down, and what actions may or may not take place to adhere to the tormented followers and sites. That fell victim to Nyaa's demise.

Leave your thoughts on the commenting section below.    




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