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Tuesday, 2018-01-16, 11:18 PM
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486. bob smith [tadams587]   (2017-08-18 1:42 PM)
Hey Deadfish, will you please release a 720p Seikon no Qwaser from I downloaded Doki's 480p mp4 release and it looks like S*** on Mt PS3. I'd like a 720p ver. They just re-released this torrent recently so it is seeded.

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485. bob smith [tadams587]   (2017-08-11 11:37 AM)
Hi Deadfish, will you please re-encode Ladies versus Butles from this. I'd like a 1080p ver.

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484. bob smith [tadams587]   (2017-06-27 9:08 AM)
Hey will you please add a torrent for Seikon no Qwaser S1 576p and it's OVA + Specials?

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483. bob smith [tadams587]   (2017-06-27 9:06 AM)
Hey will you please add a torrent for Shinmai no Testament Burst and it's OBA?

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482. Tsurgi Blade [naruto06hxh]   (2017-06-18 11:08 AM)
Sir can u check nozo no kanojo x 1080p ep 1.......In XDCC it is corrupt i.e it does not play at all....
Black screen....

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481. Gustavo Hernandez A. [geha714]   (2016-10-09 10:40 AM)
Hey guys. Big fan of yours, but I wonder if you can have some DDL links available for your Bakedfish releases. It would be appreciated. Thanks and keep up the good work!

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480. bob smith [tadams587]   (2016-09-20 3:04 PM)
Hey deadfish please re-encode the highscool of the dead ova in 1080p. please use this sub file. I changed some of the positions due to subs
blocking certain areas of the pictures.!WNtn2I6Q!tdMKjdmdfOEQf2oerRkNK5bdp3dEGCxxa3BZ0cZFR1E

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479. bob smith [tadams587]   (2016-09-20 2:58 PM)
Hey Deadfish please encode a descent VCB-Studio or philosophy-raws, seikon no qwaser for me. You'll have to use doki's due to the other translations seemingly less understandable. Also here is a custom sub file for Ova. I had to change a sentence. Please check to see if the font size matches doki's other releases.!SIVWgJ7R!NDdkJY_xadNxZ-gW71mnpN6Dquqm5GOIp1NdQ6duNSs

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478. bob smith [tadams587]   (2016-09-18 8:52 PM)
Hey deadfish. Please encode To Love-Ru Darkness OVAs in original 576p (I hate upscale. Rather than diminishing the quality by forcing 1080i or 720p, keep the original aspect ratio and let your PS3 upscale while streaming if you need it. Though if you have a valid source at the higher aspect ratio than go for that). Links below.

To Love-Ru Darkness OVA 1 trough 7

To Love-Ru Darkness OVA 8

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476. Bằng Lê [broli_573]   (2016-05-11 2:01 AM)
hello deadfish ^^ could you please do Dragon Ball Super BD ver? ^^

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475. Sword Serpent [sword_serpent]   (2016-04-07 9:01 PM) E-mail
Could I request for a batch release of the Aikatsu series? It's just that I can't get the files anymore, and I really want the whole thing. It would be appreciated for a reseed or a batch file. Thank you.

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474. Dick Grayson [vegax15]   (2016-03-12 5:44 PM)
I wish to request the 3 OAD Hoozuki no Reitetsu by FFF.  Hope you will. Thanks for your hard work. smile
I registered this time, i hope the comment will be posted and accepted this time cry dry

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473. Olivia Gardner [olive_g]   (2016-02-17 3:18 PM) E-mail
Sorry to pester you with a request but I was wondering if you guys would consider subbing 'The Empire Of Corpses'?. It's one of three project itoh films and it looks really interesting! The pv is on YouTube and there are raws on nyaa. It came out last year in October I think. But yeah hopefully you'll see this because it'd be awesome if you'd be able to sub it

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472. Tobias Amaranth [tobiasthefox]   (2016-01-24 6:07 AM) E-mail
So you guys are doing actual subs these days? I've noticed the occasional file that seems to come just from you guys and it's always been appreciated when something obscure (OVA's, rare stuff) gets some fansubbing/speedsubbing. There's a series I've always wanted to see completed, but it was stopped at 7 of 28, only 25% of the way through it. These days, no one has even heard of it, but it's actually a really neat sci-fi series. --

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