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Tuesday, 2020-02-18, 7:08 PM
Welcome Guest

Re: Hamatora

Re:_Hamatora (pronounced "Reply Hamatora") is a 2014 supernatural, mystery anime series based on the Japanese mixed-media project, Hamatora. It is set in the year 2014 where select humans called Minimum Holders have been discovered to possess supernatural abilities. It features the tag line "We don't need the Minimum." The series is a direct sequel to Hamatora: The Animation and features the same main cast as the original one. The story follows Minimum Holders Hajime and Murasaki as they form a new detective duo, Hamatora Mark Two, after the apparent death of the former leader Nice.

Re: Hamatora Episode 01
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Re: Hamatora Episode 02
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Re: Hamatora Episode 03
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Re: Hamatora Episode 04
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Re: Hamatora Episode 05
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Re: Hamatora Episode 06
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Re: Hamatora Episode 07
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Re: Hamatora Episode 08
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Re: Hamatora Episode 09
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Re: Hamatora Episode 10
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Re: Hamatora Episode 11
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Re: Hamatora Episode 12 - Final
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  • Require  £ 390
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    *Ordered a new seedbox to unburden the stress on 1 
    of our primary servers. Hence Goal increase. 
    If you are still feeling 
    generous and would like to continue to 
    contribute after reaching our Goal.

    We would still gladly 
    accept your offerings, and use the funding 
    towards the development 
    of our new site build/project. We thank you all for 
    your generosity and continuous support.
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